Web Serial Novel: What You Ought to Know

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality ranks 3rd Best of Web Serial Novels of 2021.

A web serial novel is a written work of literature that is available largely in a digital format. Web indicates the world wide web hence this type of literary work is almost solely available on the internet. I say, almost solely because there are recent breakthroughs of hugely popular web serial novels … Read more

The 10 Most Popular Music Genres Throughout History

Drums play an important role in the pop music genre.

While billions of people worldwide listen to various music genres, a few popular ones stand out. The most popular ones are ranked based on how much a genre is streamed and how frequently their CDs and vinyl are purchased globally. As technology evolves, new styles and ways for people to listen can … Read more

Seven Pieces of Baseball Fundamental Equipment for Young Players

The best baseball equipment for kids will inspire kids’ love for games. Given that baseball is one of the oldest and most meaningful sports in the United States, teaching children to play is a duty of both father and elder siblings, but parents unfamiliar with Little League may not have the equipment … Read more

History of the Tennis Rackets

The tennis doubles final at the 1896 Olympic Games

Many historians believe that tennis originated in the 12th century in the monastic cloisters of northern France, but the ball was then struck with the palm of the hand, hence the name jeu de paume (“game of the palm”). Rackets were not used until the 16th century, and the game was dubbed “tennis.” … Read more

History of Airsoft

Airsoft sports are a fun military

Airsoft is a complete recreation of military combat in which participants use weapons that resemble real guns except that they use 6-millimeter hard plastic bullets instead of paintballs. It is a fantastic sport and hobby that is ideal for those looking for a fun activity that keeps them active and requires them … Read more