What is the best way to slice a pineapple? 

Closeup on woman cutting pineapple

Eaten raw as a snack or cooked into dishes to lend a distinctive, tangy sweetness, pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit. Because of their spiky skin and tough core, pineapples are delicious, but cutting into one can be intimidating. Fortunately, it’s simple to cut a pineapple like a pro by adhering to … Read more

Unusual Asian Beers To Try

Chang beer, green bottle, single beer

After a long flight to a distant nation, chilled beer is the perfect way to unwind. After all, we may speak various languages and have different cultures, but we may all like beer at the end of the day. While everyone is familiar with the most well-known brands accessible internationally, it may … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Cheeses Popularly Used on Hamburgers?

Mouth-watering burgers

The best hamburgers are those with lots of hams–and cheeses. And when you talk about cheeses, you can find a wide variety of them in the market for your gourmet burgers wherever you go. A hamburger, especially a cheeseburger, is an all-time American favorite snack. Thousands of food stalls and restaurants, whether … Read more